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Photocatalytic Paint
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 Simply the Best! ...Available Now! 

Transform your walls into anti-bacterial; anti-fungal; mold free surface,  let it purify your surrounding air and protect your building interior and exterior from environmental contamination.

A Certified Product that you can Trust, Unique Technology.

Bring the unique cleaner and greener benefits of Ecogreen Plus™ to your job sites premier projects.

Ecogreen Plus ™ exhibits self-cleaning properties, resisting most organic and inorganic pollutants that would otherwise gather on the surface and cause discoloration.


Ecogreen Plus™ Pollution reducing; our product absorbs and reduces atmospheric pollutants deemed harmful to human health and our environment.


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Ecogreen Plus™ Product Line:  


Photo Catalytic Paint
 in Powder form

5 gallons of paint are obtained adding SUPERFIX primer or water to powder paint.
Bucket dimension:
12' diameter x 14" Hight
Bucket weight: 24 lbs.

Ecogreen Plus™ 
it’s available in white and different colors.

in Liquid form

Primer 5 gallons container
Container dimensions:
7 1/2 x 9" x 11 1/2 Hight
Container weight: 23 lbs.

TIOX, Drastically improves visibility when driving in difficult weather conditions.

Easy to apply on the windshield of cars, trucks, RVs, Planes, Yachts and marine vessels and repels rain, dew, sleets, snow and saltiness. Also is great to be used in windows (Buildings, Hotels and homes...etc.)