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The self-cleaning and De-polluting properties of Ecogreen Plus™ products are scientific realities validated by its proven effectiveness in multiple architectural landmarks. These applications were preceded by nearly a half-decade of research by the Photo catalytic Innovative Covering Applications for De-pollution Assessment (PICADA) project-a consortium of independent research labs, universities, contractors and manufacturers

Conclusions in both research and real world applications:

Architectural surfaces on which Ecogreen Plus™ technology is applied in destroying atmospheric elements that cause soiling and pollution.


Results: "Cleaner buildings and cleaner air"


Architects and Finish Coat Contractors: You can now bring the unique cleaner and greener benefits of Ecogreen Plus™ to your job sites projects.

Our product will resist most organic and inorganic pollutants that gather on the surface causing discoloration.


Ecogreen Plus™ - Self Cleaning and Pollution-Reducing


In addition to the cleaning effect, this formulation will also remove significant amounts of pollutants deemed harmful to human health, and our environment.


For Cost, Technical and Application Facts:


Consider the Long-Term VALUE.

Do stucco and finish coats formulated with Ecogreen Plus™ cost more? No. our cement-Titanium base paint is competitively price and achieves superior result than other premium paints in the markets. in addition, when long-term maintenance cost savings are considered, plus the potential for credit from the LEED programs, the actual value of specifying Ecogreen Plus™ for your next stucco or finish coat project can be green from both environmental and financial perspectives.






• Excellent workability
• Superior board life
• Long-term durability
• Photocatalytic action
• Self-cleaning
• De-polluting
• LEED Credits Achievable
• Cost effective long-term maintenance

Technical Service is available by contacting our sales office with advance notice, technical service can be provided at job site locations.