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Deodorant effect

The application of Ecogreen Plus™ can significantly reduce unwanted odors.

Ecogreen Plus™ helps neutralize and prevent odors in the following situations:

*Hospitals, nursing services, Medical Offices and Dental Offices odors produced by drugs

*Bathrooms and Kitchens Hospitals, Restaurants, Residential

*Cigarette and cigar smoke Smoking Hotel Rooms

*Veterinary, Animal Shelter

*Schools, Universities and Government facilities

*Noxious odors ammonia

*Odors after fires, the smell of meats, fish, poultry and odors from storage rooms, garbage areas and restaurants.


Hotel/Motel owners may dispose of biological odors as smelling urine, perspiration, body and shoes in the bathrooms and bedrooms. Pet odors in the bedrooms, laundry facilities and fitness clubs can be deodorized with security and therefore have a pleasant freshness.