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Photocatalytic Paint
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Ecogreen Plus™ Paint meets all the standards… Since all the photo catalytic process depends on the sun’s ultraviolet rays, Ecogreen Plus™ is recommended for indoor application where there is sufficient light with a wave length ultraviolet adequate. 
The website has detailed information of the Portland Cement Association on environmental benefits and potential LEED accreditation (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).
The use of cement-based paint Ecogreen Plus™  improves the possibility of become accredited (LEED AP = LEED Accredited Professional) and buildings become Certified LEED, certified LEED Silver, certified LEED Gold, certified LEED Platinum).

For more detailed information on the process of how to acquire certification for its projects please visit the site for the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) at
Innovative, aesthetic, and environmental advantages…for a lifetime.
From residential, to landmarks, historic buildings and major projects, the final finish of the formulated paint with the photo catalytic paint Ecogreen Plus™ optimizes the aesthetic and environmental value over the life of the structure.
From the aesthetic point of view, the outer surfaces are kept clean with little more than washing by rainwater. Surfaces old, faded and lifeless because of weather or proximity to airborne pollutants will be a thing of the past. 
Moreover, from an environmental perspective, thanks to the development of Ecogreen Plus™ it will not require expensive cleaning with chemicals. Each surface treated with our product really works in a way that removes contaminants from the atmosphere.