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Photocatalytic Paint Tio2


Ecogreen Plus™ is distributed Worldwide, photocatalytic coatings have been developed  for today's environmental conditions meeting the growing demand for green and sustainable solutions. These products are natural with no VOC compounds. The photocatalytic paint is supplied in powder form. It is processed and shipped dry for maximum cost savings in compliance with LEED standards for the Green Industry.


Photocatalytic paint can be used on external or internal surfaces. For internal applications it is specially formulated for those places which require the elimination of noxious air substances in schools, hospitals, public buildings, shopping centers, cinemas, convention centers, food-processing plants, factories, poultry and livestock sheds.


Self-cleaning photocatalytic paint is based on the natural minerals containing calcium carbonite and titanium dioxide. It can be white or colored with white or light pastel pigments. It has anti-bacteria and anti-mold action due to oxidation activated by photocatalysis properties. For external applications the photocatalytic effect allows the paint to self-clean, keep painted surfaces cooler (thereby saving energy) and resists extreme weather conditions. Ultra-violet (UV) light from direct sunlight or specially designed ultra-violet light bulbs activates the process which breaks up and decompose compounds before they adhere to the surface of the paint. Compared to other paints it is more durable and resistant to weather, salt water corrosion, fire and mold.The treated surfaces have anti-fouling, anti-microbial and deodorizing properties.


According to the USGBC Solar Reflectance is a key factor which affects roofs and wall temperatures and consequently the amount of energy required to cool a building* and may vary depending on color chosen, geographical location and climate conditions. The most efficient Solar Reflective Index (SRI) equals 1.0. According to LEED guidelines average paint coatings have SRI values equal to 0.30. Within the USGBC LEED Sustainable Site Credits Division, the intent of this SRI credit is to use materials that stay cool in sunlight with SRI values of at least 0.29. Ecogreen Plus™ offer photocatalytic paint having SRI values equal to 0.86.


*Based on Oak Ridge National Laboratory US Department of Energy Testing Data.

Titanium dioxide Tio2