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Product Limitations:

There are no barriers or regulations that may impede their acceptance as Eco
green Plus™ meets all standards that can meet the industry as Portland cement.

Cement painting with Ecogreen Plus™ should not be regarded as a test product or solution to the graffiti, because there are many paintings resistant to ultraviolet (UV) light that prevent and interfere with the initiation of the reaction photo catalytic, for the same reason it should not be used with other sealants or coatings that can block the ultraviolet light generated by the sun.

Ecogreen Plus Corp. reserves the right to limit the use of the photo catalytic paint of
Ecogreen Plus™ in projects that do not meet quality control required for the use thereof. Due to the nature and properties of the product, it is important that Ecogreen Plus Corp. Stay informed and involved in every project where your application is requested.

Observing the rules and regulations within the guidelines of health protection in the ordinary use of Portland cement and similar products based on cement is believed that these are sufficient to protect workers who are exposed to the product, see the road Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

Most of the chemical components that make up the photo catalytic process are benign. However may include some products of certain chemical reactions such as calcium nitrate, carbonates and sulfates, which are mostly simple salts to be diluted and cleaned with just a little rain.