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Photocatalytic Paint
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Technical Information


Description:Self Cleaning cement powder paint based on titanium dioxide. It can be white or colored, light pastel colors perform the best.


Ecogreen Plus™ Photo catalytic paint can be used on external o internal surfaces. It is especially formulated for those places which require the elimination of noxious air substances in:

Schools, Hospitals, public buildings, shopping centers, cinemas, convention centers, food processing plants, factories, poultry and livestock sheds.

Portland cement and titanium photo catalytic paint is supplied in powder form. After being mixed with water apply in with a brush, paint roller or sprayer on to prepared concrete, masonry, plaster. It can be applied over surfaces like metal and stucco to form a hard, durable weatherproof coating, maintaining color and protecting the painted surface.


APPLICATIONS: Surfaces should be regular and solid, without dust grease, disarming substance or salt, which will obstruct the paints' adherence to the surface.

Where the adhesion to the paint coating may be difficult such as reinforced concrete, oil based paint, plaster or synthetic resin, a coating with SUPERFIX primer is suggested before applying the photo catalytic cement based paint. The primer has to be applied 12 hours before proceeding with our cement based paint. For best results mix the cement based powder paint with 30% clean water to paint and mix. When a second hand of paint is needed, apply a second coating at least 5 hours after the first coat.

Environmentally safe, sustainable, its application will earn points toward the LEED Green Building Rating (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, created by U.S. Green Building Council) to improve building qualities and the environment.


Sustainable Site Credits: As the temperature of urban areas increase, the chemical reactions which produce smog and pollution also increase, the intent of this credit is to use materials that stay cool in sunlight and have a solar reflective index (SRI) of at least 29. Ordinary Portland cement has a SRI of around 35 and our new paint product has an SRI of 86.

Our CEMENT TITANIUM PAINT will help Architects, Engineers, and contractors to improve the quality of buildings in accordance with the Energy Conservation, Environmental Protection and Sustainability Council.


  Technical Data  

 Amount of water 

40-50% (max)

  Period of usage

 3 Hours

 Approx. yield

160 sq. ft. x gallon  



 Water Permeability

W=1,21kg/(m2ho,5) UNI1062-3 

 Vapor Permeability

V=813 g/ (m2d) UNI7783-2 Sd=0.0258

Temperature change resistance

No defect after 15 cycles UNI9429 

 Alkali resistance

Softening with loss of cohesion UNI10795 

























Apply one or two coats of cement titanium paint. Must be water cured with a fine mist once it has achieved final test.

The paint can be applied by brush, paint roller or sprayer on concrete, plaster, existing paint, synthetic resins, stucco surfaces and metals.


* Material Safety Data Sheet available upon request*